Lecy Goranson


Lecy-GoransonFormer child actress Alicia Linda Goranson, better known as Lecy Goranson, is best known for her role of Becky Conner in the television sitcom Roseanne, which debuted in 1988.


Goranson left the series in 1992 (the start of the show’s fifth season) to pursue an education at Vassar College, though her schedule eventually permitted her to continue appearing part-time as Becky. Under the new arrangement, the show’s producers and writers had to take care to write scenes for Becky sparingly.

Leaving the show resulted in Goranson’s character Becky eloping with her husband, Mark Healy, who was played by Glenn Quinn. Becky would be seen via the phone briefly on some occasions as she lived out-of-state. In the next season, although not at the beginning, the producers decided to bring the character back. Goranson was still unavailable, so Sarah Chalke was brought into the role.

When Roseanne reached its eighth season, Goranson managed to schedule things so that she could work as Becky, replacing Chalke. She appeared continuously at the beginning but mid-season it became a problem. On two occasions, Goranson had to pull out of episodes in which Becky was intended to appear, so Chalke took over the role once again. These episodes include the family visit to Walt Disney World and Darlene and David’s wedding, episodes in which Becky was needed.

Goranson appeared again toward the end of the season; however, she decided not to continue following the end of the eighth season. For the ninth and final year, Goranson did not return to the show as Becky Conner Healy, leaving the role to Chalke for the final season.

Life After Roseanne/Where Is She Now?

Since Roseanne, Goranson had several small roles in films and has guest starred in Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSex and the City and Fringe. In her film roles as an adult, she is normally credited as Alicia rather than Lecy. Goranson is currently living in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn, New York; she played the part of “Sandra” in The Extra Man which opened in limited release on July 30, 2010.