Missy Gold


Missy-Gold-BensonThe adorable Missy Gold, born on July 14, 1970, was the cute blue-eyed former child actress who was best known for her role as the Governor’s daughter Katie Gatling on the television sitcom Benson, which ran from 1979-1986.

Missy’s birth name is Melissa Ann Fisher and she was born in Great Falls, Montana to Bonnie and Joe Fisher just one year after her older sister, Tracey. In 1973, after her mother’s remarriage to Harry Goldstein, both Missy and Tracey were legally adopted by their stepfather and became known as Melissa and Tracey Goldstein. Missy and Tracey have two other siblings born to their mother and Harry; Brandy, Jessie and Cassie.

Subsequently, all siblings shortened their family name to Gold for professional use.

Missy’s acting siblings include older sister Tracey (best known as Carol Seaver on Growing Pains), younger sister Brandy Gold (best known as Alexis on St. Elsewhere) and Jessie Gold, who has had a variety of guest spots. The youngest sister Cassie is the only non-acting member of the siblings.


Careerwise, Missy has appeared on shows such as Fantasy Island, Eight is Enough, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Trapper John, M.D. and others, but her claim to fame, so to speak, was he role as Katie Gatling on Benson.

Where is she now?Missy-Gold-Older

Missy has seemed the survive the so-called “child star curse.” She pursued her education at Georgetown University and then earned her Ph.D. from California School of Professional Psychology. Now known as Dr. Melissa Gold, she resides in Maine where she is a practicing psychologist.


  • Missy won an award for best young actress in a comedy series in 1984 before leaving the business.
  • Was very close to Inga Swenson, who played the housekeeper on Benson.
  • Her Benson colleagues felt she was too smart to be in acting.
  • Auditioned for roles in various soap operas, but never accepted any because she didn’t want to be committed to five-year contracts.