Tiffany Brissette


Tiffany Brissette-Small WonderTiffany Brissette, born December 26, 1974 is a former child actress who is best known for her role as V.I.C.I. the Robot (aka Vicki Lawson) on the syndicated American sitcom Small Wonder, which aired from 1985 to 1989.

Born in Paradise, California, Tiffany first appeared in the 1983 film Heart Like a Wheel opposite Bonnie Bedelia and Beau Bridges.

She then had a guest-starring role on the television series Webster before landing the role of V.I.C.I. the Robot in the syndicated series Small Wonder in 1985.

After the series was canceled in 1989, Tiffany continued acting, appearing in Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and the 1990 television movie Beanpole.

Tiffany’s last professional acting role was in 1991 in the television series Equal Justice.

Where is She Now?

In 2007, Brissette changed occupations and now works as a nurse in Boulder, Colorado.